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Had It with Politics? | 5-Stars: This app is the best thing to come out of the 2016 pre election campaign season!

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We're a bundle of hardworking developers and designers dedicated to the art of elegance. However, we're too modest to talk too much about ourselves... Just imagine anytime you see an attractive person on the street they are one of us and give them a hug, or buy them a beverage of their choice... unless they say, "kefir please." .. We're not into kefir, it's not us.

Get out the Vote!


PolitiHeads is the ultimate Election Season iMessage sticker collection and your opportunity to share in the season of political excitement!

Communicate with friends and family in step with the great, if not greatest, communicators and expression-makers in our nations history.

PolitiHead Stickers are your opportunity to cheer on your friends and family as we all participate in the U.S. Federal Elections this November.

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A few of our customer favorites from the collection

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